Is there parking at Slice Of Heaven?

You can easily park three cars at Slice Of Heaven.


Are there grocery stores nearby?

We're fortunate to have several excellent grocery stores within two to three miles of Slice Of Heaven.

How noisy is the area around the cottage?

The cottage is situated on a one-acre lot with a lot of trees and other natural sound barriers.  You will hear boat traffic on the lake during the summer.

Is the Property Manager easy to reach if we have a problem or a question?

We provide all our renters with a phone number you can use to reach the property manager.

What does the cleaning fee cover?

The cleaning fee covers the cost of cleaning the property and preparing it for the next renter.

Will the owner be visiting the property while we're there?

The owner docks his boat at one end of the property.  He may come out to get his boat and take it out during your stay.


Do the neighbors know this is a rental?

Yes, the neighbors on both sides are aware the property is rented.  Because this is a large lot you're not very close to the neighboring houses.   Your closest neighbors are across the lake.

Is there anything at Slice Of Heaven we can't use?

Anything that's not for general use by renters is locked in an outside storage building.

Is WiFi available?

Connections in Northern Michigan are sometimes very slow.  We recommend you create a personal hotspot on your cell phone to connect online.

How do we pay for our stay at Slice Of Heaven?

All rentals are arranged through Evolve Vacation Rentals Network and payments are taken there also.   Click here to access the Evolve listing.


You have lots of privacy at Slice Of Heaven.